Network Key Rotation Interval

Network Affidavit Process

The action of a applicant advertence and acceptance to an admission point is standard. Should aggregate key affidavit be called at the client, there are added packets beatific acknowledging the keys authenticity.

The afterward describes EAP arrangement authentication.

1. Applicant sends delving to all admission points

2. Admission point sends advice anatomy with abstracts amount etc

3. Applicant selects abutting analogous admission point

4. Applicant scans admission point in adjustment of 802.11a, 802.11b again 802.11g

5. Abstracts amount is selected

6. Applicant assembly to admission point with SSID

7. With EAP arrangement affidavit the applicant authenticates with RADIUS server

Open Authentication

This blazon of aegis assigns a cord to an admission point or several admission credibility defining a analytic anecdotal wireless arrangement accepted as a account set identifier (SSID). The applicant can’t accessory with an admission point unless it is configured with that SSID. Advertence with the arrangement is as simple as free the SSID from any applicant on the network. The admission point can be configured to not advertisement the SSID convalescent aegis somewhat. A lot of companies will apparatus changeless or activating keys to supplement aegis of SSID.

Static WEP keys

Configuring your applicant adapter with a changeless active adequation clandestine (WEP) key improves the aegis of your wireless transmissions. The admission point is configured with the aforementioned 40 bit or 128 bit WEP key and during affiliation those encrypted keys are compared. The affair is hackers can ambush wireless packets and break your WEP key.

Dynamic WEP keys (WPA)

The deployment of activating encrypted WEP keys per affair strengthens aegis with a assortment algorithm that generates new key pairs at specific intervals authoritative bluffing abundant added difficult. The agreement accepted includes 802.1x affidavit methods with TKIP and MIC encryption. Affidavit amid the wireless applicant and affidavit RADIUS server allows for activating administering of security. It should be mentioned that anniversary affidavit blazon will specify Windows belvedere support. An archetype is PEAP which requires Windows XP with account backpack 2, Windows 2000 with SP4 or Windows 2003 at anniversary client.

The 802.1x accepted is an affidavit accepted with per user and per affair encryption with these accurate EAP types: EAP-TLS, LEAP, PEAP, EAP-FAST, EAP-TTLS and EAP-SIM. User arrangement affidavit accreditation accept annihilation to do with the applicant computer configuration. Any accident of computer accessories doesn’t affect security. The encryption action is handled with TKIP an added encryption accepted convalescent WEP encryption with per packet key hashing (PPK), bulletin candor blockage (MIC) and advertisement key rotation. The agreement uses 128 bit keys for encrypting abstracts and 64 bit keys for authentication. The transmitter adds some bytes or MIC to a packet afore encrypting it and the receiver decrypts and verifies the MIC. Advertisement key circling will circle unicast and advertisement keys at specific intervals. Fast reconnect is a WPA affection that is accessible acceptance advisers to roam after accepting to re-authenticate with the RADIUS server should they change floors or rooms. The applicant username and countersign is buried with the RADIUS server for a defined period.


  • Implements symmetric key algorithm to body defended tunnel
  • Client and RADIUS server ancillary alternate authentication
  • Client sends username and countersign credential in defended tunnel


  • SSL v3 builds an encrypted tunnel
  • Client ancillary and RADIUS server ancillary assigned PKI certificates with alternate authentication
  • Dynamic per applicant per affair keys acclimated to encrypt data

Protected EAP (PEAP)

  • Implemented at Windows audience with any EAP affidavit method
  • Server ancillary RADIUS server affidavit with basis CA agenda certificate
  • Client ancillary affidavit with RADIUS server from Microsoft MS-CHAP v2 applicant with username and countersign encrypted credentials

Wireless Applicant EAP Arrangement Affidavit Process

1. Applicant assembly with admission point

2. Admission point allows 802.1x traffic

3. Applicant authenticates RADIUS server certificate

4. RADIUS server sends username with countersign encrypted appeal to client

5. Applicant sends username with countersign encrypted to RADIUS server

6. RADIUS server and applicant acquire WEP key. RADIUS server sends WEP key to admission point

7. Admission point encrypts 128 bit advertisement key with that activating affair key. Sends to client.

8. Applicant and admission point use affair key to encrypt/decrypt packets


WPA pre-shared keys use some appearance of changeless WEP keys and activating key protocols. Anniversary applicant and admission point is configured with a specific changeless passcode. The passcode generates keys that TKIP uses to encrypt abstracts per session. The passcode should be at atomic 27 characters to avert adjoin concordance attacks.


The WPA2 accepted accouterments the WPA affidavit methods with Advanced Encryption Accepted (AES). This encryption adjustment is deployed with government implementations etc. area the a lot of acrimonious aegis accept to be implemented.

Application Band Passcode

SSG uses a passcode at the appliance layer. Applicant can’t accredit unless they apperceive the passcode. SSG is implemented in accessible places such as hotels area the applicant pays for the countersign acceptance admission to the network.

VLAN Assignments

As acclaimed companies will arrange admission credibility with SSID assignments that ascertain analytic wireless networks. The admission point SSID will again be mapped to a VLAN on the active arrangement that segments cartage from specific groups as they would with the accepted active network. Wireless deployments with assorted VLANs will again configure 802.1q or ISL Trunking amid admission point and Ethernet switch.

Miscellaneous Settings

  • Turn Microsoft File Sharing OFF
  • Implement AntiVirus Software and Firewall
  • Install your aggregation VPN client
  • Turn OFF Auto Connect to any wireless network
  • Never use AdHoc Approach – this allows alien laptops to connect
  • Avoid arresting beat with a acceptable website survey
  • Use basal abode ability setting

Anti Annexation Option

Some admission credibility accept an anti annexation advantage accessible application padlock and cabling to defended accessories while deployed in accessible places. This is a key affection with accessible implementations area admission credibility can be baseborn or there is some acumen why they accept to be army beneath the ceiling.

Security Attacks

  • Wireless packet sniffers will captures, break and analyzes packets beatific amid the applicant computer and AP. The purpose is to break aegis information.
  • Dictionary attacks advance to actuate the decryption key configured on the wireless arrangement application a account or concordance with bags of archetypal passcode phrases. The hacker captures advice from the affidavit action and scans anniversary concordance chat adjoin the countersign until a bout is found.
  • The specific approach assigned anniversary wireless applicant affects security. Ad Hoc approach is the atomic defended advantage with no AP authentication. Anniversary computer on the arrangement can forward advice to an Ad Hoc acquaintance computer. Select basement approach area available.
  • IP bluffing is a accepted arrangement advance involving appearance or replacing the antecedent IP abode of anniversary packet. The arrangement accessory thinks its communicating with an accustomed computer.
  • SNMP is sometimes a antecedent of compromised security. Apparatus SNMP v3 with circuitous association strings.